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Attila Sim, HUN

Thank you for your letter and the excellent birding opportunity in Athens. I was very pleased to spend a splendid day with you around Athens. It was great to find all my target birds, other beautiful species and having a nice trek on the mountains' slopes close to the capital. I enjoyed ver…
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Kathleen Robertson, USA

It was very nice to meet you during my quick stay in Athens. I very much enjoyed the birding experience on both days. KATHLEEN ROBERTSON (USA, CALIFORNIA)…
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Hans Westerberg, SWE

In may 2006 I made a birdtrip to Greece. When i looked after locations to see birds i came across Spyros Skareas who is a bird guide and tour leader. I can really recommend others birdwatchers, that will come and look for birds in Greece, to hire Spyros for guiding. In my case i had great help …
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Gary Grey, USA

The birding day was very enjoyable and you were an extremely good guide. You were prompt in picking me up at my hotel and we immediately went to the birding areas. Your English was very good, knowledge of the birds and the area seemed to be "top grade", and you made every effort to answer all…
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Andy Lovering, USA

This was a family holiday mixing birdwatching/photography with beach, snorkelling, great seafood & wine. We spent a week in July on Marathon beach and booked 3 birding day trips, visiting Lake Dystos on Evia, Mesalongi in Western Greece & Mount Penteli amongst other places. Even though i…
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