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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Trip Report Athens-Kopaida May 4-5th

Khoa and Joey is a Vietnamese couple that came to Greece for a long vacation. Apart from the mainstream destinations, they also wanted to enjoy birdwatching in Greece, that's why they contacted us. We arranged a two-day birding trip around Athens, so that they could see all the Athenian '…
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Trip Report Athens March 25-26th

Greece Bird Tours organized a tailor made birding trip around various locations in Athens, for canadian birder Burke Korol, from Toronto. Burke had an extensive life list of 2900 species and was seeking some of the countries specialties. We managed to find about 60-65% of the desired species, o…
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Trip Report Athens March 16th

Michael Ashley is a teenager with a real passion for birds. He came to Greece with his family for Spring Break vacations. The Ashleys Being a bird maniac, Michael contacted Greece Bird Tours to arrange a half-day …
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Trip report, Athens March 2nd

Carol and Peter Abbot from Australia made a literally last-minute call to Greece Bird tours for a birding tour in Athens. This time of the year is, one can say, a transitional period as the wintering birds have already started moving north and the migrants are still a few days …
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Trip Report Athens Feb 25th

Elayna is an artistic spirit and a citizen of the world. After her first trip to Greece, where she tracked her Greek roots, she decided to spend a few days in Athens and visit the temple of Artemis in Vravrona. She had already read about the rich birdlife of the area, so doing a birding trip wit…
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