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Chris Oves USA, April 5th

Great day birding in Attica We had a great day birding with Lefteris in and around Athens. We dedicated one day on our trip to Greece to birding and were lucky enough to find Greece Birding Tours. After contacting them, the site manager, Spyros, responded promptly and worked with me to arrange …
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Svante SWEDEN, Dec 8th 2018

Nice and memorable bird watching During a weekend trip to Athens we spent one day bird watching with Lefteris Stavrakas. Due to his knowledge and experience we managed to see the species we wanted to see the most - Moustached Warbler and Rock Bunting, and of course many other nice birds althoug…
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Andrew Mertz, USA

I completed a full day tour in Evia of the Lake Dystos area and Dirfi Mountain on August 5th, 2018. I typically visit Greece this time of year and am well aware that this is not a peak time for birding so my expectations were not high. Evia is not particularly easy to bird, especially if you a…
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Andrew Mertz USA, Aug 5th 2018

Excellent Birding Tour of Lake Dystos and Dirfi Mountain on Evia I completed a full day birding tour in Evia of the Lake Dystos area and Dirfi Mountain on August 5th, 2018. I typically visit Greece this time of year and am well aware that this is not a peak time for birding so my expectations …
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Andy Lovering, FRANCE July 2018

Private birding tours This was a family holiday mixing birdwatching/photography with beach, snorkelling, great seafood & wine. We spent a week in July on Marathon beach and booked 3 birding day trips, visiting Lake Dystos on Evia, Mesalongi in Western Greece & Mount Penteli amongst othe…
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Maureen O'Hagan, USA

A friend and I had a wonderful half-day birding around Athens with Akis on May 16. He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and determined to find the birds you want. He also was a great guy to spend time with. The most fruitful place we visited was the Schinias National Park, but Akis almost …
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Maureen O'Hagan, USA May 15th, 2018

Great Half-Day Birding around Athens A friend and I had a wonderful half-day birding around Athens, Greece with Akis on May 16. He is incredibly knowledgeable, patient, and determined to find the birds you want. He also was a great guy to spend time with. The most fruitful place we visited was …
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Homer Klonis, USA

My wife and I had arranged a full day birding with Spyros from Greece Bird Tours around Athens.We visited the nearby Mts, fields with Olive trees and grapevines, and shoreline.We had spectacular weather that no doubt brought out the birds in numbers, We saw some specialties including Rueppell…
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Kevin Kearns, UK, May 11th 2018

Wildlife photography during Athens airport stopover Coming back to the UK from Lesvos via Athens in May meant a long wait at the airport for the connecting flight. With this in mind we booked an even later flight and spent the day in Athens. Our passion is wildlife watching and photography to w…
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I.Bardhan, USA

Excellent birding guided trip in Athens My wife and I had a wonderful 7 hours birding with Lefteris from the Greece Bird Tours. He took us to multiple locations, near a reservoir, a canal, by the shore, in open fields and then up in the mountains. We saw numerous birds, including some rarities …
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Tim Teusink, USA

Nine of us spent a recent Saturday (12 hours!) with two guides from Greece Bird Tours visiting five locations near Athens and thoroughly enjoyed our time. We saw around 62 different species and found our guides were very knowledgable and helpful. We learned a lot about the birds that were migr…
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Andrea, Indonesia

An absolute must for any birders. We had an incredibly special day in the engaging company of Akis and Spiros whose species knowledge is truly exceptional! Thank you both for a wonderful day and to William also for driving us. We had not expected to see over 62 species in one day but thanks to y…
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M.Vernon, USA

Wonderful birding adventures. Most highly recommended Birding with GREECE BIRD TOURS was a highlight of my recent trip to Greece. In fact, the outing was so rewarding I arranged my schedule in order to enjoy a second day birding. My guide, Lefteris, is attentive, dedicated, hardworking, and per…
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M.Haffner, GERMANY

A truly excellent birding trip... with Greece Bird Tours. Arranging the day trip with pickup at the airport and drop-off in Athens was very easy and informally done by email. As I did not have a specific target list my guide Lefteris had prepared one for me before the trip. Throughout the day we…
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Karel Werdler, HOLLAND

Wonderful day outside the city which delivered us the bird species we were looking for and also had some added pleasure of being with a great guide and his ornithologist friend. Very nice company where we also saw quite more of the city and its surroundings than the average tourist does. We also…
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Bill Tweit, USA

Greece Bird Tours provided my wife and me with a great one day birding tour around Athens. We had a list of target species, and Lefteris, who was our guide did a great job organizing a really enjoyable itinerary. Lefteris is an excellent birder with keen ears and eyes, and is very knowledgeable a…
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Todd Katz USA

I could not more highly recommend Lefteris of Greece Bird Guides, an active and contributing member of the Hellenic Ornithological Society of Greece to help make your trip to Athens a wonderfully birding experience. While I have traveled a lot, I had never thought of taking the time to hire a pe…
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Bruce Ward Smith, ZAF

Greece Bird Tours collected me from the harbour and we set off for my first birding experience in Greece. First stop was a bakery for coffees and some mega bagels. Traffic was heavy but we made it to our first stop Schinias National Park in about 50 minutes. Highlights for me were 2 Pygmy Cormor…
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Paul Koker USA

I had only one day to do some birding in the Athens area and contacted Greece Bird Tours. When they say 'a full day' they really mean it! Lefteris picked me up just before 6am (because I wanted to get a few owls) and dropped me off at 8pm. And what a day it was...we criss-crossed the Ath…
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William Zeller, USA

In Greece for a family vacation in early July, focused mostly on my daughter's interest in ancient sites. My teenage son, an avid birder, and I took a day solely for birding, and we couldn't be happier to have spent it with Greece Bird Tours. Our guide, Lefteris was extremely knowledgeabl…
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Brenda Lee CANADA

Because of the heat, Lefteris from Greece Bird Tours suggested we head for Mount Parnassus where it would be cooler because of the altitude. We saw a variety of different environments and both male, female and fledglings of some species because of the time of year. He has an excellent knowl…
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Chris Pedroza, UK

In Athens for a wedding had a spare half day.Contacted Greece Bird Tours who offered two possible dates. I chose Sunday 2 July 2017 and arranged to be picked up at my Hotel at 6 Am by Akis. He had warned me that birds tended to be scarce in this part of Athens, Cape Sounion Area and that it was …
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Michael Ashley USA

I had a great time with Lefteris from Greece Bird Tours. He was a great guide. As a whole the group was very accepting and flexible. I am a very tall person and the cars in Greece are very small. Arrangements were made and on the day of the tour a larger car was waiting. They had fast email respo…
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We had a spare day in Athens and wanted to go birding. We contacted Spyros of Greek Bird Tours with only 24 hours notice and he immediately put us in contact with his colleague Akis. Akis is a very knowledgeable birder who knows the areas and their birds well. He was patient when we wanted to …
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Elayana Bereane USA

I am not in the habit of writing reviews, but I wanted to give Lefteris Stavrakas, of Greece Bird Tours my highest recommendation. I was in Athens and last-minute wanted to go birding around the Vravrona Estuary. Lefteris was responsive and able to accommodate my request. His wealth of knowledge…
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Debbie Bangasser USA

I recently got into birding and had not done any birding in Europe, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to add a half-day birding tour onto a business trip to Athens in mid-January. Akis was my amazing guide. In preparation for the day, he and his colleagues checked out two potential bi…
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Bauke Kortleve HOLLAND

When I decided to have a short winter break in Athens in january 2017 I contacted Lefteris of Greece Birding Tours for a day birding because I really enjoyed the trip we made with him in september 2014. This time we spent the day at Schinias NP to look for 2 specialities: The Moustached Warbler …
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Sarah Barsness USA

Spyros took me for an incredible one day birding adventure that was even more than I hoped for! I saw near every bird I had hoped to see and a few I did not even think of, such as the Spotted Eagle, visiting from Siberia! Spyros was incredibly knowledgeable about birds, but also about Greek wild…
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Claudio Branchio SPAIN

I spent a wonderful birding trip with Lefteris trying to get some lifers such as Syrian woodpecker and Rock nuthatch! Both them were seen along with another lifer, the Sombre tit! It was a cloudy day but all the three bird priorities were seen and photographed! I ll absolutely recommend to try t…
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David Peppar, BC CANADA

“Great way to spend a day in Athens” Akis picked us up from a Cruise ship for a day of birding. We've done this many times and expect a guide who knows where to bird, can find the birds and is a good companion for the day. Akis was this and more. We birded the mountains, a fa…
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Joe Church, Pittsburgh USA

I spent the day birding with Lefteris in the mountains and marshs near Athens. I had sent him a list of Greece birds that would be new for me and he had sent back the listed showing what were possible at this time of year. He then took me to the best locations for those. The weather was not in o…
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Patty Meehan, Oregon USA

“Great Birding Trip around Athens” Two of us spent the entire day with Spyros birding outside of Athens. Mid October is a slowish time of year for birds, but Spyros took us everywhere, knew the birds and found as many as he could. We even saw a vagrant warbler! I highly recommen…
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Ann Howe, Boston USA

“Suberb birding day around Athens” Spyros met two of us at our airbnb in Athens and treated us to a day long circuit of birding spots around Athens. His exact knowledge of habitats, behavior, bird field marks, migration time windows, and locations made it a birding day without …
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Stever Dierker, Texas USA

On Tuesday Sept. 13, 2016 I had 1/2 day to bird before leaving on a cruise. Contacted Greece Bird Tours they were prompt in their response and set up a tour for the time available. Lefteris picked me up at my apartment and began our tour. The birding was difficult due to dry conditions. Lefteris …
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Sheila Burton UK

I was fortunate to spend a day birding around Athens with Spyros from Greece Bird Tours. What an excellent days birding! Describing myself as an enthusiast rather than an expert, I enjoyed his skilled and expert knowledge of not just birds but conservation and the local area. With Spyros car us…
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EllenBlair Smith, Austin USA

I had an absolutely fantastic morning with Spyros Skareas from Greece Bird Tours at Schinias National Park. He picked me up at my hotel, stopped for delicious lunch supplies, then off we went. I am unfamiliar with European birds so his expertise was invaluable. Even the birds were cooperative.…
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Sandy B., Ohio USA

“Birding trip combined with the highlights of Greek culture” We took a day trip with Greece Bird Tour in August. Greece Bird Tours is based in Athens, Greece. Our wonderful guide Lefteris spoke excellent English and provided us a terrific combination of culture and birdwatching. H…
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Warren & Marylin, USA

We were in Greece, near Rafina, to visit friends. We had been out birding with Greece Bird Tours in prior years and called Spyros on a short notice. Remember, June is a slow season for birds in Attica. Spyros immediately arranged to take us out on a birdwatching tour and see excellent birds loc…
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Mike & Max, UK

We had an excellent tour in the Athens area, with Greece Bird Tours led by Lefteris, who was not only an extremely knowledgable guide but also very enjoyable company and he went out of his way (literally, adapting the route to our precise needs) to ensure that we saw all the species we were in…
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Torbjorn Hegadus, SWEDEN

A big thank you to Lefteris for a good 6 hours birding in the Athens area in February, for me more spring than winter. Highlights was to see good views of Chukar, Rock Nuthatch and Somber Tit and some other 50 bird species. Lefteris excellent knowledge’s of birding in Athens-area and good c…
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Dawn Henning, USA

Dear Akis, Thanks so much for the great birding tour! If we had more time to rest before the Marathon we would have loved to have extended our time touring with you. Although it was not the best season for birding we saw so many new species which was wonderful! You gave us a great overview o…
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Fiona Lake, Perth AUS

Thank you Akis for a wonderful day birding in Athens. I am not a “lifer” but a keen birder who enjoys using birds to explore new places and the day was great – 38 seen (+1 heard!) in a short time plus travels through part of Athens I would not have glimpsed otherwise. I gave you …
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Tom Harrison, Los Angeles USA

My non-birding wife, Lori, planned a three-week vacation to Greece to celebrate our retirement. We left Los Angeles on September 3 and returned September 23, 2015. We loved Athens: the food, strolling Plaka, and especially the breath-taking antiquities. The new Acropolis Museum is a must-see. …
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Valerie Georgoulakos, USA

My 11-year-old son and I spent a wonderful day this summer birding at Loutsa and then at Spata with Spyros from Greece Bird Tours. Spyros picked us up from the metro station and drove us to the birding spots. He brought binoculars and a telescope and was very knowledgeable as well as being fun t…
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Maryangela Buskey, USA

Just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic day of birding July 27th, 2015. This was my favorite experience in Greece thanks to your expertise and wealth of local knowledge. You were a wonderful host and helped us spot and hear many new birds in a relaxed, low-key way. Knowing July wasn…
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VENT Tours from Arizona, back in Athens!

Having a great time with Victor Emanuel and Barry Lyon from VENT Birding Tours, the largest company in the world specializing in bird tours! Dinner with a view to the Acropolis, discussing about our involvement with VENT Tours' next trip to Greece!…
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Susie Russenberger, Nashville USA

Dear Spyros, Thank you for a great day of birdwatching around Athens. I was so impressed by both your bird identification skills and your knowledge of where to find specific species. I loved going to all of the different habitats – it’s hard to pick one as a favorite. This outing was a t…
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Gary Worhington, USA

Our cruise on the western Mediterranean allowed my brother Gene and me one day in the Athens, Greece, area. We decided to forego the famous cultural sites and bird. But we had no idea where to go and how to get there. Greece Bird Tours' guide Lefteris Stavrakas promptly responded to ou…
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Roly Lloyd, Adelaide AUS

I recently spent 5 days with Lefteris birding watching in Southern Greece, from 18-22 May 2015. My experience with Lefteris was all positive. We have a great few days managing to see 135 species in four and half days. These included nearly all my target birds. I found Lefteris to be a charming, …
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Terry Purnell, UK

Dear Lefteris, Thank you for the two trips that we did when I was in Athens they where first class. Your knowledge of the area, and where to find all the bird species are excellent, I would recommend you to anyone that would like to go bird watching in Greece. Terry Prunell, UK tjpurnell32@gm…
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Brett & Julie Chapman, USA

My wife Julie and I planned a vacation to Greece and like all our trips we try to sneak a day of birding in. We found Lefteris Stavrakas ( aka “Terry” for us Americans!) on the web and booked a day with him. He picked us up at our hotel and brought us to all the hot birding spots i…
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Kellar family, USA

Dear Spyros: We have arrived home safely and want to thank you for the wonderful day of birding we spent with you last week. There were many highlights: the numerous birds we saw, including the "lifers"; the many different habitats to which you took us; the stop at the bakery and those big d…
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George Golumbesky, USA

I wanted to circle back to you and express my thanks to you for connecting my son, Andre, and I to Felix. We went out for 2 half days this week (Monday & Tuesday) and we had an excellent experience. Overall, we saw 20+ new life birds but more importantly, Felix was a professional, courteous…
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Duncan Himes, USA

All went well on my one day bird tour with Akis and Lefteris. They are professional, worked hard to find the target birds, enthusiastic about birds and their work, excellent skills with eyes and ears, and were pleasant and helpful to be with. Added 4 life birds and some good ticks of ssp., and learn…
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Neil Ellman, USA

I am just back from my trip to Greece and Turkey, both of which were wonderful. I especially enjoyed the field trip you arranged for me with Lefteris. It was a memorable day, and the is a wonderful bird and excellent companion. Thank you for the fine arrangements. MAY 11, 2011 Regards, Neil El…
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Jeffrey Mondville, USA

Thank you for a wonderful day of birding. On May 10, 2011, I went with Lefteris (Terry) for a full day tour. It was an absolute joy. I would highly recommend using Greece Bird Tours if you want to see a lot of birds with someone who really knows the birds and where to find them. Once again, I cann…
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Rick Colling, CAN

My wife and I really enjoyed our birding day with you Spyros. Despite the unseasonably hot weather for September, we saw over 60 life birds. By birding a day with you, we were able to see the habitats that birds were in and get some tips on how to find birds in other parts of Greece. Afterwar…
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Cristina Prieto, ESP

I really enjoyed my trip to Greece and I'm coming back soon I thank Akis and Chris for their help :-D Athens Panorama: Akis is a very good guide, from 0 to 10 I'll give him a 10. (He knows the birds and their biology, the places were the birds are, and the most important to me, he unde…
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Jari and Varpu Seppala, FIN

Once again thank you for a successfull and memorable bird tour on Monday 26th April. We did see more "lifers" than I could expect, and I got even some nice photos. The best bird photos you'll find here: I recommend your services to any bir…
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Sue Walsh, UK

Thank you so much for your help when I was in Athens. You provided me with very useful information before and during my few days in Athens about where to stay and what to do. I appreciated the fact that you gave me the option NOT to go out on a day we had booked when the weather was not goo…
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Michael Mescheryakov, RUS

Being on vacation in Mati, Greece in January, 2009, I decided to dedicate one day to birdwatching, as I am a big fan of birdwatching and bird-shooting (with a camera, of course). While searching the web for such service in Athens area, I found only one company providing birdwatching tours there…
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Anne & Jeffrey Pearl, USA

Dear Spyros, we have returned to San Francisco after a spectacular time in Greece. The day we spent in the mountains with you was one of our most memorable bird watching days. We will always remember the drive up the mountain with breathtaking views of Athens, the amazing birds which you wer…
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Lynne & Davied Roberson, USA

David and I spent the morning of July 10, 2008, on Imittos, with Lefteris, and had a fabulous time. We were celebrating our 48th wedding anniversary that day, and while we didn't quite reach a bird per year, the list was impressive for the number of life birds and for the hot weather and se…
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Elbert & Jose Groenewoud, HOL

My brother and I sometimes make a short birdingtrip in Europe . This year we planned a long weekend, from April 11th-14th to Athens. I wanted to see Sombre Tit, Rüppels’ Warbler and Rock Nuthatch, Yelkuan Shearwater, Scops Owl they are lifers. To find them you need to know the place so …
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John Janowski, USA

Spyros, thank you very much for coordinating such an excellent birding tour, and Lefteris you are a fantastic guide with exceptional hearing identification skills. Lefteris is an excellent birder and guide. His hearing is exceptional. The full day of birding was outstanding not only with the…
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Steffen Boehner, DEN

I enjoyed -beside the surprisingly good variety and quantity of birds including some "lifers" like Rock Nuthatch and Sombre Tit- the mediterraean landscape very much. Mount Ymettos was my favourite! Organization of this custom-made tour was very professional (e.g. fast e-mail responses, preci…
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Attila Sim, HUN

Thank you for your letter and the excellent birding opportunity in Athens. I was very pleased to spend a splendid day with you around Athens. It was great to find all my target birds, other beautiful species and having a nice trek on the mountains' slopes close to the capital. I enjoyed ver…
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Kathleen Robertson, USA

It was very nice to meet you during my quick stay in Athens. I very much enjoyed the birding experience on both days. KATHLEEN ROBERTSON (USA, CALIFORNIA)…
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Hans Westerberg, SWE

In may 2006 I made a birdtrip to Greece. When i looked after locations to see birds i came across Spyros Skareas who is a bird guide and tour leader. I can really recommend others birdwatchers, that will come and look for birds in Greece, to hire Spyros for guiding. In my case i had great help …
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Gary Grey, USA

The birding day was very enjoyable and you were an extremely good guide. You were prompt in picking me up at my hotel and we immediately went to the birding areas. Your English was very good, knowledge of the birds and the area seemed to be "top grade", and you made every effort to answer all…
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Andy Lovering, USA

This was a family holiday mixing birdwatching/photography with beach, snorkelling, great seafood & wine. We spent a week in July on Marathon beach and booked 3 birding day trips, visiting Lake Dystos on Evia, Mesalongi in Western Greece & Mount Penteli amongst other places. Even though i…
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