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Debbie Bangasser USA

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Debbie Bangasser USA

I recently got into birding and had not done any birding in Europe, so I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to add a half-day birding tour onto a business trip to Athens in mid-January. Akis was my amazing guide. In preparation for the day, he and his colleagues checked out two potential birding locations and they decided that Schinias NP had the best conditions. The only day that I had available for birding turned out to be cold and rainy, so I was a bit worried, but Akis ensured that I had an amazing time, despite the conditions.

My morning started with a Metro ride from downtown Athens to Katehaki station. Despite my extremely limited Greek, the Metro was very easy to navigate (station names are also in English) and taking the Metro was definitely preferable to spending my morning in Athens traffic. After Akis picked me up from the station, we stopped by Rafina Port and saw 18 species, including juvenile mute swans that were surprisingly close. Then we went to Schinias NP where we saw 50 species, including Sardinian and Cetti’s warblers. It rained pretty much the entire time at Schinias, but we were able to do most of the birding from the warm car.

Akis was incredibly knowledgeable and persistent at finding many species, even in the rain. The way that Akis was able to adjust to the less than ideal conditions was perfect, and I had a wonderful time.

I HIGHLY recommend this tour company!

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