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Kevin Kearns, UK, May 11th 2018

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Kevin Kearns, UK, May 11th 2018

Coming back to the UK from Lesvos via Athens in May meant a long wait at the airport for the connecting flight. With this in mind we booked an even later flight and spent the day in Athens. Our passion is wildlife watching and photography to which end we got in touch with Greek Birding .com.
We were assigned Lefteris as our guide for the day. This turned out to be an excellent choice and just right for us due to his local knowledge, driving skills and enthusiasm.
At this stage most people reel off a list of what they saw and how well they saw it. Doing this only serves to make some envious and others to expect similar luck. We could rename him as Lucky Lefteris but as that title has already been claimed perhaps we should consider ourselves as the lucky ones in having such a good guide. We would recommend Lefteris as a guide because from our experience he would put in the maximum effort and is knowledgeable as well as being fluent in English.


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