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Todd Katz USA

I could not more highly recommend Lefteris of Greece Bird Guides, an active and contributing member of the Hellenic Ornithological Society of Greece to help make your trip to Athens a wonderfully birding experience. While I have traveled a lot, I had never thought of taking the time to hire a personal birding guide, but with being so unfamiliar with both the land, the areas surrounding Athens, and the birds, I felt a guide would be well worth my money. After reaching out to Lefteris, he replied within 9 hours (there is an 8 hour difference from where I am located to he in Greece), I provided my eBird Life list; he was able to provide two itineraries on how to spend our time together to ensure we see the most lifers for me. In total we made over 10 stops in various locations covering a broad range of ecosystems and habitats. In addition he picked me up from the airport, paid for all the gas, tolls, coffee, food/snacks, provided a scope, and dropped me off at my hotel. Foolishly, I must admit, I chose not to go to the mudflats out of fear of spending too much time in the car. I would suggest however, wherever he recommends, just trust him and go! The reason why you should is because in addition to being a brilliant birder with not only a fantastic eye and ear for the birds, he also knows their migratory patterns, and as the Athens eBird Reviewer, he knows where all the birds currently are! For those reasons alone I would highly recommend hiring him. However, on top of all that, he is genuinely a good guy and someone I found easy to hang out with for two days of wonderful birding. Thank you Lefteris for providing me with a fantastically rich and diverse birding experience! In total we saw 78 (heard another 2) species and I had 65 lifers Oct. 4-5, 2017. Some great birds: All three cormorants (in one day), Hobbit, Black-tailed Godwit, Kentish Plover, Curlew Sandpiper, Mediterranean and Slender-billed Gulls, the beautiful kingfisher, Collard Flycatcher, Sombre Tit, and Cirl Bunting.


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