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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Athens Bird Trip Report: 7 June 2015

On June 7th 2015 we had a splendid day birding around Athens with Susie Russenberge (Nashville, USA), mainly small wetlands together with Hymettus Mt. Lots of interesting species, together with eating traditional gyros at lunch time. We started from Hymettus Mt, were we encountered Rueppell's…
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Spring 2015 migration update II

April is almost done and bird migration is at its peak. This is the time for many interesting species; some are very colourful while others are rather dull. Barn Swallows are very common in agricultural land …
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Jonathan Franzen is birdwatching in Greece!

Jonathan Franzen is not just a famous author but also a very keen birdwatcher. His desire was to see a Syrian Woodpecker, the only European woodpecker he hadn't seen so far. So, who is the best to help him find his lifer? Greece Bird Tours of course! We arranged a special tour in Central…
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Red-footed Falcons arrived in Athens

Once again, late April is the best month for birdwatching in Athens. Today, we looked for the Red-footed Falcons in Athens. The first group of 10+ birds was seen at Spata Fields (the best site to look for them in spring). The birds were perching in a vineyard, grounded by strong northern winds. …
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Spring 2015 migration update

The first Sedge Warblers were heard on the 6th of March, while Great Reed Warblers arrived om the last days of the month. Sedge Warbler (Schinias National Park) Ruppel's and Subalpine Warblers were already on th…
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