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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Trip Report Messolonghi June 26th

Messolonghi Lagoon is a favourite birding destination all year round. Even in summer, it offers a great many interesting species that breed in the wetland or the surrounding areas. That's why when James C Greenwood, member of the board of the National Audubon Society contacted us for a ful…
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Trip Report Athens May 27th 2016

Mike from Scotland and Linda wanted to have a leisurely half day trip to see not only birds but also some different habitats around Athens. So we started from Hymettus Mt in the Aesthetic Forest of Kaisariani. And the first surprise came fast. Suddenly we heard Jays and other birds like Great Ti…
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Trip Report Athens May 12th

A half-day trip around Athens, to look for all the local specialites was the choice of Mike and Max, two experienced British birders. They wanted to see the Ruppell's Warbler, the Cretzschmar's Bunting, the Sombre Tit, the Rock Nuthatch, the Chukar and the Eastern Orphean Warbler. A lot …
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Trip Report Meteora May 12th

The area of Meteora and Mt Antichasia is and ideal birding destination in spring, especially from mid April to late May, when all the summer visitors have arrived and migration is still running. Mt Antichasia lies at Central Greece, close to the city of Trikala. It is mainly covered with decid…
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Trip Report Athens May 8th 2016

Nick Moore’s a very keen birder from US seeking to see specialties in Greece. A very early start found us searching for the Tawny Owl in the Aesthetic Forest of Kaisariani. This place and Mt Imittos in general is very productive especially during migration and didn’t let us disappoin…
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