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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Athens, 6.12.2014

Winter is not a quite period for birdwatchers of Athens, as many different species overwinter and a bird trip is always full of beautiful encounters. Such was the December 6th full day trip around Athens; we visited Mt Hymettus, the tiny wetland of Rafina and the marshes of Schinias National Par…
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Baillon's Crake at Rafina's Stream

The rarest of the "real" crakes (the Corncrake actually belongs to another group), the Baillon's Crake Porzana pusilla, spends its third day on the tiny estuary of Megalo Rema stream in Rafina, east of Athens. Fortunately, it behaves as any other crake; once it gets used to your presence, as …
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Mesolongi Lagoons & Parnassos Mt, 17.9.2014

September is the best month of autumn migration. A three-day bird trip can be really productive at this time of year, and this one was no exception. The trip included visits to Mesolongi lagoon, Mt Parnassos and many sites around Athens. The total count of bird species for the three days was 125…
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Broad-billed Sandpiper at Artemis Lagoon

The small brackish wetland of Artemis (aka Loutsa) is a hot spot in autumn for waders as its shallow water attract every migrant that comes by. The Broad-billed Sandpiper is one of the most interesting species to see at that period, as it is a very regular visitor, always seen in late August.…
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Mt Parnassos 24.08.2014

It was a very hot day, Sunday 24th of August, but this didn't kept up from going birding to Mt Parnassos, the famous mountain of Apollo, with the renowned Oracle of Delphi. This is the closest to Athens mountain that holds population of very interesting woodland birds, like the White-backed a…
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