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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Broad-billed Sandpiper at Artemis Lagoon

The small brackish wetland of Artemis (aka Loutsa) is a hot spot in autumn for waders as its shallow water attract every migrant that comes by. The Broad-billed Sandpiper is one of the most interesting species to see at that period, as it is a very regular visitor, always seen in late August.…
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Mt Parnassos 24.08.2014

It was a very hot day, Sunday 24th of August, but this didn't kept up from going birding to Mt Parnassos, the famous mountain of Apollo, with the renowned Oracle of Delphi. This is the closest to Athens mountain that holds population of very interesting woodland birds, like the White-backed a…
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Athens 21.6.2014

June is still a good month for birding, even though the temperature can rise up to 30 C. A half day trip around Athens can yield a good number of species, including most of the area's specialties. For example, the Rock Sparrows are still breeding and can be seen in suitable nest habitat. Rufou…
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Lake Karla & Mt Parnitha 3.6.2014

The last day of the trip started with a very early wake-up because we wanted to catch up with the forecasted rain; The owners of Epavlis Suites Hotel were very kind to prepare us a breakfast-basket so that we could leave the hotel at 6.30. Before saying goodbye to the area of Trikala we paid a s…
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Meteora 2.6.2014

After a great day birding in Athens, we reached Kalampaka town, in the heart of mainland Greece and beneath the impressive rock formations of Meteora, in the evening of June 1st. The next day, we started birdwatching from the breakfast hall of Epavlis Suites Hotel ( We coul…
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