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Birding at Schinias National Park with VENT Tours, Victor Emanuel, USA

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Trip Report Central Greece Dec 7th

Claudio is a very young and enthusiastic bird watcher. Being from Spain, he misses all the Balkan specialties. As he had a chance to come to Greece in winter, he wanted to see species like the Rock Nuthatch, the Sombre Tit and the Syrian Woodpecker. The latter is found some 200 kms north of Athe…
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Trip Report Athens Nov 9th 2016

Joe C. from the United States came to Greece to run for the Marathon. Being a keen birder, he arrived to Athens a few days earlier so that he could enjoy birdwatching with us. Starting the trip at 06.15, our first stop was the hill of Lycabettus, downtown Athens. Just before dawn, we put the f…
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Trip Report Athens Oct 15th

Today's birding trip around Athens was fascinating, combining late migrants, awesome resident species as well as mega rarities. Let's start from the morning pick up: Patty Meehan from Oregon and Ann Howe from Boston asked us to run a birding trip around the city for October 15th. We pick…
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Trip Report Athens Sept 13th 2016

September is a busy month, in terms of both migration and bird tours. On September 13, we ran another half day trip, this time with Steve, an enthusiastic American birder who wanted to see birds before the start of his cruise with his family. The first stop of the day was the small but very im…
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Trip Report Athens Sept 8th 2016

Athens layovers are a great way to enjoy birds around the city, not only if you have a flight connection, but also if you are just about to board on a cruise ship! V.Knight from Bancouver, Canada came to Athens for a couple of hours departing on a cruise ship. He desperately wanted to bird the ar…
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