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Trip Report North Attica Aug 10th

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Trip Report North Attica Aug 10th

Gary and Laura are newlyweds who came to Greece for their honeymoon. Apart from the mainstream sight-seeing and beach-going, they also wanted to spend half day birding. They wanted to visit Antonis Tritsis Park in Athens, then the plains of Erythres and Kopaida because they saw our May blog post. They really wanted, however, to see White Storks and Bee-eaters.

August is, of course, much hotter than May and bird activity is lower. In any case, they wanted to visit areas away from the busy centre and the hordes of tourists.

We started from Antonis Tritsis Park, Athens' largest park and a very important area for birds. We were looking for warblers, Eastern Olivaceous and Sardinian in particular, when a large bird flew overhead, along with some Common and Pallid Swifts; an Eleonora's Falcon!

Eleonora's Falcon
Eleonora's Falcons are very rarely seen in the mainland in August, as they nest in rocky islets of the Aegean Sea. This could have been a non-breeding individual. Coots, Moorhens, Mallards and Grey Herons were also seen, along with a lot of Rose-ringed Parakeets.
We left Tritsis Park and headed to the plain of Erythres, NW of Athens. The White Stork nest was empty but the plain was full of birds: Woodchat, Lesser Grey and Red-backed Shrikes, Great and Sombre Tits, Lesser and Common Kestrels were easily found

Red-backed Shrike
Next stop was the much larger plain of Kopaida. We had little time to spend, as Gary and Laura wanted to return to the hotel at 16:00 but we managed to admire the colourful Bee-eaters.

Heading to the town of Thiva to have lunch, we finally saw White Storks! Two birds were still inside a nest at the outskirts of the town. 
Gary and Laura taking photos of the White Storks
White Storks@Thiva

We had a fine lunch at Thiva and then we returned to Athens. A very productive half-day, indeed,  as we saw more than 30 species, on a hot August day!


Mallard - Anas platyrhynchos
White Stork - Ciconia ciconia
Gray Heron - Ardea cinerea
Common Buzzard - Buteo buteo
Eurasian Moorhen - Gallinula chloropus
Eurasian Coot - Fulica atra
Eurasian Collared Dove - Streptopelia decaocto
Common Swift - Apus apus
Pallid Swift - Apus pallidus
Eurasian Hoopoe - Upupa epops
European Bee-eater - Merops apiaster
Lesser Kestrel - Falco naumanni
Eurasian Kestrel - Falco tinnunculus
Eleonora's Falcon - Falco eleonorae
Rose-ringed Parakeet - Psittacula krameri
Red-backed Shrike - Lanius collurio
Lesser Gray Shrike - Lanius minor
Woodchat Shrike - Lanius senator
Eurasian Magpie - Pica pica
Hooded Crow - Corvus cornix
Barn Swallow - Hirundo rustica
Red-rumped Swallow - Cecropis daurica
Common House-Martin - Delichon urbicum
Sombre Tit - Poecile lugubris
Great Tit - Parus major
Willow Warbler - Phylloscopus trochilus
Eastern Olivaceous Warbler - Iduna pallida
Subalpine Warbler - Sylvia cantillans
Sardinian Warbler - Sylvia melanocephala
Black-eared Wheatear - Oenanthe hispanica
Eurasian Blackbird - Turdus merula
House Sparrow - Passer domesticus
Eurasian Tree Sparrow - Passer montanus


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